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Gentle Birth Midwifery, Merna Black, RN
Licensed Midwife (LM), Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)
Serving Southeastern NM

Midwifery is not a practice of medicine, it is the freedom to choose where and how your baby is born.

As a licensed midwife through the State of New Mexico, I am a professional that specializes in home childbirth. I am qualified to provide care to women throughout the childbearing cycle and to identify any problems requiring medical referral.

As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I understand how important it is for the expecting mother and family to be comfortable during the beautiful process of bringing their newborn into their lives. I heard my calling of the service of Midwifery, at the age of 38, when I saw my grandson being born. I immediately started as an apprentice, teaching childbirth education and became licensed as a Midwife in 1998. Since, I have been gifted to witness, support and participate with families all over New Mexico as they welcome their new baby into their loving arms. Two of these experiences were my grandchildren.

As a woman, I advocate and defend free choice of birth environment. I believe in safe and responsible birthing practices, informed consent, and a birthing woman's right to choose her caregiver. I am a strong believer that birthing women have the absolute ability to make decisions for themselves.Women know their bodies better than anyone else.

I dont market; rather, I serve my community in a more spiritual sense that allows families to make their own decisions. Midwifery is something you "become." It is more of a life evolvement and community appointment. This serves women by completing the circle of choices in care providers. Traditional Midwifery is all about supporting the family's right to choose how they birth and with whom. Midwives serve women during life's most momentous and miraculous event; birth.

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